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Shipping conditions

Shipping conditions for customers

  • Possible customs declaration is paid by the customer
  • The customer is responsible for data exactness in the order
  • The customer is obliged to announce any differences immediately
  • Extra costs connected with loading are paid by the customer
  • Cargo price includes 4 hrs waiting  when loading and 4 hrs when unloading
  • Waiting longer than 4 hrs will be invoiced to the customer
  • The customer is asked for driver identification in the place of loading/unloading

Shipping conditions for carrier

  • Invoice is due 60 day after receiving CMR original confirmed by the customer and your invoice
  • With regard to tax obligation please send these documents within 15 days after shipping
  • When breaching the term of loading or unloading we reserve the right to reduce the agreed shipment price
  • Downtime during transporting goods  at loading/unloading within EU member countries up to 24 hours is included in price
  • Vehicle insurance according to CMR agreement is requirement for takeover the order
  • Shipping contract is concluded even without your back confirmation
  • In case of changes of Reg. No. or vehicle type, breaching terms etc., please contact our company immediately
  • Check carefully CMR  on the site of loading if it agrees with the order
  • Please announce any differences
  • Contact with the customer over the frames of duties following from this shipping will be considered as competitive action even 1 year after finishing the shipping
  • If not agreed else, road tax, customs declaration fees and carrier are paid by the shipper.